5 ways to make cooking dinner at night easier

I cook dinner most nights for my husband and myself. Particularly during the week. Some people seem to be blown away by that. They wonder how I have time. Like most things, I think if you really want to do something, you can make time. But I also plan it into my day. It’s important […]

Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake with Rainbow Chip Icing {Funfetti Week}

So today is a mix of feelings. I’m am bummed about the Panthers game last night. Could that have been more embarrassing? I am bummed that funfetti week is coming to an end. It’s been so tasty! But! I am so excited to share with you the final funfetti recipe! Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream […]

Funfetti Cake Batter Blondies with Rainbow Chip Icing {Funfetti Week}

These blondies are the perfect combo of cake and blondie. They taste just like a funfetti cake, but with more of the blondie texture. And with the white chocolate mixed in and the rainbow chip icing on top, it’s perfect! I actually think I’ll recommend to my mom that these become her replacement for her […]

Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes with Rainbow Chip Icing Syrup {Funfetti Week}

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. I don’t always have the time to have a super fancy breakfast, but when I do I enjoy it. I think one of the best things about breakfast is that it has so many options that are called “breakfast foods” but are really like desserts. I mean think […]

Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream Pie {Funfetti Week}

So with all the awesome funfetti and rainbow chip treats around our house right now, my scale has been getting a little mad at me. In an effort to not actually break the scale, I was working on my fitness at the gym this morning. Normally that’s at about 5:30 in the morning. But today […]

Funfetti Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats with Rainbow Chip Icing and White Chocolate {Funfetti Week}

It’s the beginning of Funfetti Week! I am SO excited! I have been baking cakes from scratch for about a year and a half now. Prior to then, all I had ever made was a cake out of a box. I have become a firm believer in scratch cakes, but the one box I can’t […]

Taco Lasagna

So for the past couple weeks, there has been a lot of baking going on in our house. This is isn’t really anything out of the ordinary, but it’s been a little more than usual. It’s been for a very good reason though! I’ve been getting ready for next week! What is next week you […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cut-Out Cookie Recipe, Love Cookies and An Awesome Wedding

Just a warning – this post is long. If you just want to see the cookies and recipe, scroll to the bottom. One of my very best friends, Janelle, got married Labor Day weekend. She and Jeff, her new husband, had about 25 people join them out in Monterey, California for an amazing weekend. I […]

SUPER Easy Creole Salmon Recipe

This recipe is a no brainer. Especially if salmon is on sale. I think this may be the easiest recipe in my arsenal. And it’s good. I tend to find salmon, and fish in general, to be a little bland. I rarely order in at restaurants for this reason. So I’m picky about my fish […]