One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Did you know that you can make awesome soft serve banana ice cream with nothing but frozen bananas? It’s true! And it’s delicious, obviously healthy and so easy to make! Plus, it’s easy to add whatever mix-ins you want – chocolate chips, caramel sauce (my choice 🙂 ), you name it!

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

To start, you need – you got it – bananas! They can be really ripe and browned or not, depending on how strong you want the banana flavor to be (or how strong your willpower to wait for them to brown is 🙂 ). I used 3 bananas.

Just slice them into chunks and freeze until hard. When they are good and frozen, toss them into a food processor and chop those babies up. It will initially just break the big chunks into smaller chunks.

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

You’ll need to scrape down the sides a few times. It will be pretty thick and it’ll take a minute or two of processing and then…

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

…you magically get soft serve banana ice cream bliss!

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

You can eat it right away, while it’s still soft like frozen yogurt or you can freeze it. The nice thing about when it’s frozen is that even though it firms up, it still remains easily scoopable. It’s a fabulous, guilt free treat. Definitely one of my new favorites!

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream
makes about 2 cups, serves 2-3 people

3 large bananas

1. Peel and slice your bananas.
2. Freeze banana slices.
3. Put frozen banana slices in a food processor and blend. You’ll need to scraped down the sides a few times. It will get pretty thick.
4. Keep blending until it smooths out into soft serve banana ice cream.
5. Eat immediately or freeze for later. Serve with your favorite toppings.



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This Banana Pudding is the best! As banana-y as it gets!

Banana Pudding

Another easy ice cream to make – Copycat Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream!

Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream

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  1. bitsofnice says:

    I’ve made this before and it is indeed delicious! Super healthy too but you wouldn’t know it feels so creamy an decadent!

  2. I have never tried caramel sauce on this! Delish!

  3. I have heard of this frozen banana ice cream before, I feel like I just need to try it already!

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