Man Food for Father’s Day!

My go-to gift for any kind of occasion is food. Of course. Not only do I like making things, but making things that are flavors and treats that someone really likes. Besides, a sweet tasty treat is the answer to everything. And if the way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach, then […]

How to get a stain out of your microfiber furniture

This is not my normal kind of post. There’s no food involved. At least not the kind that comes with a recipe. But this is important enough that I am posting it anyways. Instead, this is what to do if food tries to mate with your microfiber furniture. If you’re like me, you had people […]

2012 in Review!

Even though Life, Love and Sugar has only been around for about 5 months, I decided to do a review anyways. I’m curious to take a look at what has done well and reflect. The past 5 months have been so much fun! I’m totally learning as I go. Learning about what looks best in […]