My Mom is 60 and Fabulous!

My mom is by far one of the best people I know. And she’s definitely the best mom. She’s always been there for me and we have so much fun together. She is one of my best friends.

Her birthdays have always been fun occasions. I remember as kids, my brother and I would love it because my mom was always about just taking forks and attacking a great store bought cake with crazy big buttercream roses all over it.

Since I started decorating cakes last year, the tradition has changed a little bit. Her cake last year was one of the first ones I did that I really tried to decorate in a fun way. I thought about what I’d do for a while because I knew my abilities were limited. In the end though, it didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped.

See the icing sliding down the sides of the cake a little bit? Not cute.

But it’s been a year and I’ve learned a lot, so this time I aimed higher. She didn’t have a preference for what the cake looked like, so I decided to have fun. Here’s the end result:

Much better than last year. And SO fun!

This was my first ever gumpaste peony. I’ve had the cutters for about a year now and finally got around to using them. Yay! I love peonies!

And she loved it. The silver writing around the top layer of the cake is actually personal qualities about her – shopping buddy, best friend, etc. When she saw that it made her cry.

Success! 🙂

And since she likes to freeze my cakes and take out little pieces at a time when she really feels like cake, I made her two.

Happy 60th Mom! You really are the best!

Below are links to the recipes and a tutorial, but they aren’t posted just yet. When they are, I’ll add in those links.

Thanks for reading!

The recipes for the cake:

Smores Chocolate Cake
Triple Lemon Cake

Tutorial: How I did the writing on the top

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  1. nice one! Future Next Great Baker contestant …

  2. Damn! That cake is amazing! I also have to agree, your mom is the best!

  3. Love your website! Thanks so much for stopping by mine. Your cakes are amazing. Reminds me of my wedding 🙂

  4. These cakes are works of art. How inspiring! Thanks for reading my blog – I love finding new blogs, and especially love the title of yours. I’ll definitely look around and check out your site!

  5. Your Mom loves her beautiful daughter back…thanks for the birthday post and for sharing your creativity. It never ceases to amaze me! My birthday cake is amazing! So yummy!

  6. AWESOME Dub-Con!!!! That cake is amazing!!!!! Love love love you and your mom, what an awesome way to personalize it too with the writing. You are truly talented woman!! 🙂

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